IBMi Development

IBMi Development

Exclusively dedicated UK-based IBMi Support and Development Management Consultancy. Approaching two decades working with IBMi Clients, providing best in class IBMi support and development. Total-e-Solutions is a UK Based IBMi specialist supporting over 50,000 IBMi Users Across 25 Countries & 5 Continents

Total-e-Solutions are a dedicated IBM iSeries development & ERP management consultancy. Established in 2003 we employ expert IBM iSeries software developers (RPG *all languages), OS400 level 1 and 2 support staff, third-party product, DB2 Integration experts and inhouse developers for our product suites.

Professional, experienced, and trusted by our customers, Total-e-Solutions is a dedicated provider of IBMi Development & Support services and related software products, providing a complete service to end users. Boasting a multitude of multi-skilled, multi-talented, highly attuned IBMi technical developers and consultants.

With a reputation for excellence, expressed throughout our international client base, we are fast approaching two decades in the provision of IBMi technical development and IBMi support services.

Providing IBMi long-standing outsourced development & support for privately owned multibillion turnover businesses as well as publicly listed companies on the FTSE, NSDAQ, NYSE & TSE.

You will not find a UK-based IBMi software consultancy company more highly recommended than Total e Solutions.

  • Technical Appraisal
  • Familiarization
  • IBMi Bespoke Analysis
  • Confirmation of Requirements
  • Objective Recommendations
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Pro-active identification of underutilised IBMi functionality and technologies
  • Remote or on-site IBMi RPG(*all) Analyst Programmers
  • Outsource facility for IBMi development overflow
  • Abundance of on shore UK/EU IBMi development resource
  • Work to, or create functional specifications
  • Vast experience working with bespoke IBMi software
  • ‘Dedicated IBMi AP’ clusters can be assigned to individual clients
  • Fast lead times for ad-hoc development requirements
  • Currently supporting over 300,000 RPG(*all) IBMi bespoke modifications
  • 30-minute response times to P1 critical support issues.
  • Abundance of RPG(*all) IBMi seasoned UK based developers
  • Online client portal helpdesk system with IBMi knowledge base
  • 3rd IBMi Party Interface development support
  • Identification of underutilised or outdated IBMi development functionality
  • Recommendations of IBMi best practices.
  • Adaption of IBM service programs to support modern-day GUI’s
  • Guidance on the latest IBMi OS features and how they could be utilize
  • Long-term IBMi consultancy partnership with renowned UK-based vendor
  • Long term insurance on RPG(*all) IBMi UK programmers
  • Familiarization of personnel through the use of IBMi consultancy, IBMi development and IBMi support services
  • Consultancy partnership means no more reliance on IBMi contractors
  • Dedicated account manager

We recognized over a decade ago that the UK IBMi Developer resource pool was reducing in size. Our forward-thinking approach was to onboard College and University Graduates and cross train them in IBMi RPG(*all) and the IBMi OS prerequisites. In the addition to our perpetual recruitment of seasoned IBMI RPG(*all) developers, we continue our strategy of training the next generation of IBMi RPG(*all) developers. Some are fully established members of our team and others are going through our IBMi training programs.

IBMi Next Generation Developer, Typical Bio…

Jon joined the company aged 19. Jon was put through our rigorous IBMi training provider Sierra Training UK. Jon was trained initially in the OS400, before being trained in RPG400 and CL400 concepts. Upon completion, Jon was cross trained into ILE & IBMi Service concepts then RDi. Upon completion of our pre-requisite skill sets, Jon then joined the support and development team as a junior programmer under senior guidance. Jon is now a highly skilled IBMi Analyst Programmer with 13 years’ experience now aged 32 and a credit to our team.

Benefits of Total e Solutions IBMi Developers & Support Services

Tangible Benefits

  1. We can provide an exclusively dedicated UK-based team of seasoned IBMi RPG (*All) development professionals, to support clients worldwide.
  2. We can become an external IBMi RPG (*All) dedicated partner with shared outsource knowledge and future proofed IBMi developer resource.
  3. We develop longstanding relationships of 5, 10, 15+ years to ensure RPG(*All) BAU IBMi support and development continuity.
  4. We have no conflicts of interest with any other IBMi development vendor or geographical restrictions.
  5. We can offer a flexible IBMi development support model customised on a client-by-client basis.
  6. We can, IBMi Co-Support, IBMi Co-Develop or IBMi Replace your development teams.
  7. We have the resource to increase/decrease IBMi overflow development and BAU in line with business requirements.

Intangible Benefits

  1. Recommendations of more advanced practices on the IBMi development framework
  2. Latest IBMi technology recommendations
  3. Front end modernisation of IBMi development code into GUI scripted languages
  4. Access to the next generation of UK-based IBMi Developers
Total-e-Solutions – IBMi Support & Development Methodology

Reactive and Proactive Support

Our reputation for customer service excellence is founded upon our people and long-standing relationships with our IBMi clients. However, our helpdesk teams do not simply react to incident. We have custom built software programs that proactively report and resolve incidents to our helpdesk teams, so we are alerted to and able to resolve incidents, prior to the business or user’s identification. Our proactive IBMi software monitors can alert the business and our helpdesk system to numerous business process failures, such as, EDI failure inbound or outbound, ERP subsystem P1 failures, IBM operating system messages that will impact BAU support, Financial discrepancies that will impact business continuity.

Knowledge Sharing

We actively knowledge share with ‘key’ client users in the identification and resolution of incident logs. Moreover, we demonstrate the source of the incident by helping the user understand where and why the incident emanated from. We find this principle beneficial to the client and our helpdesk teams as it educates and empowers key users and untimely reduces the number of incident logs. This IBMi knowledge sharing is communicated through our in-depth ticket resolution responses, via remote screen shares and system walkthroughs and granting users access to their knowledge base within our helpdesk portal.


We find familiarity breeds opportunity. Our IBMi development teams can be engaged to analyse your IBMi systems, IBMi bespoke and iSeries business processes which enables them to educate the user in best practices, to prevent potential pitfalls and avoidable incident logs. Our helpdesk consultants can also be engaged to educate users to improve business processes, and technology improvements.

Ownership & Dedication

It goes without saying a helpdesk team is tasked to record and resolve incidents. Our helpdesk teams differentiate themselves through their dedication and ownership of incident management. We do not ‘clock off’ on any incident that causes operational issues to the business. We are proud of this reputation for ownership and dedication.


We believe communication is key in any support service. To this end each enhanced support client is designated an account manager. Our account manager will distribute incident records and their resolutions. All enhanced support clients can review call metrics, KPI’s and performance metrics with their dedicated account manager on a monthly basis.


We tailor our contracts IBMi development and support contracts to suit our client’s preferences and we will endeavour to tailor them on a client requisite basis. These can be as straightforward as pre-paid IBMi development days or as extensive as a fully outsourced IBMi development and support service.

Total e Solutions United Kingdom: Mirfield, Yorkshire.
Total e Solutions Americas: New York, USA.
Total e Solutions Mainland European: Lisbon, Portugal.
Total e Solutions United Kingdom: Mirfield, Yorkshire.
Total e Solutions Americas: New York, USA.
Total e Solutions Mainland European: Lisbon, Portugal.