EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) for System 21 Aurora and the IBMi (As400)

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) for System 21 Aurora and the IBMi (As400)


Total e Solutions are professionals who specialise in the implementation, management, and optimisation of EDI systems within organisations utilising ERP systems such as System 21 Aurora & the IBMi. Total e Solutions possess a deep understanding of EDI standards, protocols, technologies, and best practices.

Our expertise typically includes:

EDI Standards:

We are well-versed in various EDI standards such as ANSI X12, EDIFACT, XML, and others. We understand the structure, syntax, and requirements of these standards and can effectively map data between different formats into your System 21 Aurora ERP residing on the IBMi.

Technical Skills:

Total e Solutions have technical proficiency in EDI software, communication protocols (such as AS2, FTP, SFTP, VAN), and data translation tools. We can configure EDI software, troubleshoot connectivity issues, and ensure seamless data exchange between systems.

Integration with ERP Systems:

We have experience integrating EDI systems with ERP systems like System 21, Aurora, JBA, and others. This involves mapping EDI transactions to the appropriate fields within the ERP system, ensuring data accuracy, and automating business processes.

Compliance and Regulations:

Total e Solutions understand industry-specific compliance requirements and regulations governing EDI transactions. We ensure that organisations adhere to these standards to avoid penalties and maintain smooth operations.

Business Process Optimisation:

We analyse existing business processes on the IBMi ERP such as System 21, Aurora, JBA and identify opportunities to optimise workflows through EDI automation. This may involve redesigning processes, eliminating manual tasks, and improving efficiency.

Project Management:

Total e Solutions often lead EDI implementation projects from start to finish. This includes requirements gathering, system design, testing, deployment, and ongoing support. We coordinate with internal teams, external vendors, and trading partners to ensure project success.

Training and Support:

We provide training and support to internal staff on EDI usage, troubleshooting, and best practices. This empowers employees to effectively utilise EDI systems and resolve issues independently on the IBMi (AS400).

Continuous Improvement:

Total e Solutions continuously monitor and evaluate EDI processes to identify areas for improvement on the IBMi. We stay updated on emerging technologies and industry trends to recommend enhancements that drive greater efficiency and effectiveness within your EDI landscape, through to your ERP systems such as, Aurora, System 21, JBA.

Total e Solutions play a crucial role in helping organizations running on the IBMi (As400, Aurora, System 21) leverage electronic data interchange to streamline operations, improve collaboration with trading partners, and achieve strategic business objectives. If you are looking for an established EDI expert consultancy, feel free to Contact Us.


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